I don’t know who all the kids in this picture are but I can name a few. Bottom left in the striped shirt with the quizzical look on her face is Miriam. She enjoys being picked up and swung around in circles and drumming her hands on her belly like she saw me do once. The guy to the right of her is my host brother Kassoum, and farther right in the green tank top is my neighbor Bouba. Bouba is possibly the biggest goof I have ever met in my life. Aida is wearing a pink shirt in the center and to the left of her is another host brother, his name is Alasone. My host sister Barkissa is holding Carnine and my other host sister Azara is in the back center wearing black. I am the white one.


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  1. Love the picture and the post. Looks like you’re surrounded with fun, inquisitive, friendly kids – just like you.

  2. Oh gosh this pic reminds me of the one of you with the kids at your post in Corvaillis. How sweet they are. I especially hope you recognize that it is the Bouba in you that recognizes the Bouba in Bouba. 🙂 Much love to you – and to all of these amazing human beings – from little Miriam to big sister Barkissa – who are surrounding you these days.

  3. Clay, This is great! Sorry I missed you on-line yesterday. I was at that very minute talking with a church member about you and looking at a map of Burkina. Thanks for pointing yourself out in the picture.

  4. What a wonderful picture Clay! You are a kiddo magnet! I love the way children enjoy you and you enjoy them – obvious in your smile. Cheers and love! Aunt Wendy

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