Recently I’ve been working on fulfilling the second

Recently I’ve been working on fulfilling the second goal of the Peace Corps mission:  to promote a better understanding of American culture on the part of the country being served.  I decided that to do this I would share with my host family, and others, a favorite American food of mine, the banana dog.  The banana dog is a little known piece of American cuisine that may or may not have been completely made up by me in my bachelor years (read:  college).  To make a banana dog it is necessary to have three things:  bread, bananas, and peanut butter. 

Peanut butter is easy to find in the market, but the Burkinabé use it strictly for sauces. My host sister Barkissa was literally rolling on the ground laughing at me when I came home with a bag of peanut butter (“degue degue” in the local language), and described in broken french that I was planning on eating it with bananas and bread.   

Regardless, I made some mini banana dogs for the family and they all seemed to like them.


My neighbor Latifah especially enjoyed her banana dog.


I should have more pictures but it’s really awkward serving someone food and then taking a picture of them right as they have their first bite. Anyway, Peace Corps Second Goal: Food Edition turned out to be a great success. 

What’s more exciting (and interesting) than this entire post though, is that I got my site placement this past Wednesday.  I’m not allowed to post it on the internet because it’s apparently a security threat.  So this is the post that you get.  Sorry everyone.


Une réflexion sur “Recently I’ve been working on fulfilling the second

  1. Poor Latifah! she looks tortured by the Banana dog! Clay – I laughed again. Thank you!! Can you tell people HOW you received your site placement? Because that is ESPECIALLY interesting!!!

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