This past week (two weeks ago now, I wrote this last week and the internet cafe hasn’t been working) was site visit week which means I got to see the village where I will live for the next two years. As I said before, I can’t actually post the name of the site, however I’ve decided to reveal two clues:  it rhymes with Shmounzan and is alliterative with firetruck.  If you can’t figure it out now then you’ll likely never know.

Anyway, [undisclosed] is a very pretty village/town of about 7,000 residents located on a main road in south Burkina Faso, an hour and a half bus ride from the regional capital Bobo-Dioulasso. It’s a month and a half into the rainy season so I think this is about as green as it’ll be here, but there are trees and bushes and a large dam about 5 km north of town which should make the hot and dry months bearable for a nassara like myself.


Fairway to hole one of the first ever Burkina Faso disc golf course.

I spent my days in Founzan (whoops) with a math teacher I’ll be working with at the lycee named Adama. He introduced me to some important people in town, showed me some restaurants and bars, and fed me dangerous amounts of to with gumbo sauce. I said in an earlier post that all the food I’ve had has been really good.  If I could figure out how to go back and delete that I would. Here we are at a bar not far from my house, Adama posed like this when he saw my camera out and didn’t move until I put it back down. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The most exciting part of the trip was seeing the house that was built for me (I’ll be the first Peace Corps volunteer in this town so they didn’t already have a place for me to stay).  There’s no electricity or running water at my house but I never really used those things in the US so I probably won’t even notice.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a great picture of it but I can use my creative writing skills to describe my future living conditions in perfect detail to the reader now:  three rooms and a wall and a roof and a latrine.  Seriously thought it’s really nice, I have a big fenced courtyard so I’ll have privacy and it means I can get pets without worrying about my neighbors stealing and eating them (and that one’s not a joke).  Here’s a picture from afar.


I’ll be there again in less than a month for the next two years of my life.  Looking forward to it.


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  1. So… when you get back to the States – you won’t rename your blog « Imissto »? or by then, perhaps you will! Thanks for the news and sights Clay. I love zooming in on your new estate/home… and will look forward to hearing what you name it. The awesome red gate gives many possibilities. Is the tree in the back inside the wall or outside of it? Am hoping that it’s inside. much love to you & all that you are with at this moment.

  2. Fascinating post, Clay. Looked up Brakina, the beer your friend was drinking – looks like it’s Burkina Faso’s most readily available beer. Will keep my eye out for it in the future. Your place looks great. Wondering how far from the main village, and to the lycee it is. Also wondering if you are going to have an available outlet and the right adapter to keep your e-reader charged.

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