This is my friend Derek.  He likes to pee in my house and bite at my ankles.

Here he is sleeping on my clothes.

Here he is with his favorite toy:  my mosquito net.

All else is well.


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  1. Clay!!! What wonderful pictures and news. Derek will warm your house, add holes to your socks/net and be a terrific companion. There is nothing like a good dog – they add so much to our lives. Enjoy! Love you! Aunt Wendy

  2. Hello sweet Derek! Enjoy sleeping on the clothes and biting on Nagalo’s ankles – but please, please don’t rip his mosquito net or you’ll have to deal with his mama. Clay – thanks for posting your new guy’s pics. Now PLEASE write some things for us to read too while you’ve got good internet access! love yo mama

    • PS: the Langton’s dog loves to chew on plastic water bottles. They make very cool crinkly sounds – which seems like a total pup-fun thing to do. I have no idea whether there are any health risks associated with it….

  3. It’s only been a few months since you left and it looks like I’ve already been replaced. I was afraid this would happen. What’s Derek got that I don’t? A tail and two extra legs? Big deal. I’m probably way funnier than he is. And I’ve never peed in your house.

    • Curt, you are way so funny and missed. Please drop by any time at 207 Bellvue Ci. I promise I won’t yell at you for trying to climb into the second story window. 🙂

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