Hey guys I spent 1800 CFA on four 1.5 meter metal rods, bent them, then taped them together.

Then I bought a metal basket for 1250 CFA and pushed it down over the rods.

Then I threw an old 1000 CFA bike wheel on top and secured it with a 100 CFA rubber ribbon thing.

After hanging old bike chains from the spokes of the wheel, some African kids came.


I’ve been fantasizing about this since about the third day after my arrival in Ouaga.  I miss throwing plastic discs into metal baskets more than I like to admit, and I shouldn’t put this on the internet but I did get a little emotional after making my first putt in over five months (also happened to be the first one I attempted (still got it)).  There’s a moleskin notebook somewhere in my house right now with many embarrassing sketches of how this could possibly have gone down but I’m proud and surprised to report that it turned out pretty well.  Total cost:  4150 CFA.  After I managed to get all the supplies it only took a couple of hours to put together so I definitely plan on making more, hopefully the next will be permanent baskets in the land west of my house I’ve been scoping out to be the Founzan Disc Golf Course (FDGC) which I estimate will increase Burkina’s tourism 250% and lead it to economic stability in under 2 years making me the greatest Peace Corps Volunteer ever to live and likely also president of all of West Africa.


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  1. the Professional Disc Golf Assoc called. They want your design specs. This is absolutely awesome Clay! congrats!!! Thanks for sharing – we love, love, love seeing/hearing it from your perspective.

    • PS: don’t count on a political career in W. Africa – nor any PCV plaques. But on the mom & dad meter, you’re pretty daggone awesome.

  2. Clay – the creativity and design techniques you used to make this happen using the materials found around you is terrific! Congratulations! I love the picture of you and your pup next to the cage – posted on FB, also love the picture of the girls throwing discs. Thanks for sharing! So cool!!!

  3. clay. you are brilliant in so many ways. disc golf in west africa with your clever mind and creative design. you have given me my next idea on how to create an upcycled chandelier.
    three cheers to the next president of west africa. you gots skilz .

  4. Clayton, nicely done. This is exactly what mission work is all about….bringing people together. When you become the benevolent President of West Africa, I want to live in one of your villages and be your Carl Spackler (greenskeeper Bill Murray from Caddyshack).

  5. This is amazing. Pretty decent form in that last picture(you might have competition). The title of the weekly PDGA newsletter was Disc Golf in Africa and I made sure everyone(including jesse) realized it was your blog they were referring to.

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