Founzan Disc Golf Course

Hole 4
76m, straight and open

Besides a clustering of bushes halfway down the fairway on the left, hole 4 is an open straight shot to the basket–an homage to Circleville Park, if you will.  After the first three mild-to-tightly wooded holes of the course, hole 4’s relative distance and lack of threatening obstacles allows the player to really let go of their disc off the teepad.  It’s a lot of fun to backhand a putter up the right side of the fairway and watch it slowly glide to the green.  Yesterday I parked my drive then missed a 4 meter putt, so hole 4 remains un-birdied.

hole 4 fairway from the pad

looking down the fairway from the teepad

approaching hole 4

approaching the green with some of my best disc golf buddies

open fairway and green forces longer putts

Pierre watches an off balance 5m putt fall short and to the left

Hole 5
67m, open dogleg right

The woods we emerged from after hole 3 come back into play 25 meters off the teepad of hole 5, forcing the thrower to either forehand something stable or backhand an anhyzer. Like hole 4, this one is pretty fun to lean into off the teepad, and if you manage the angle of the disc well on the first throw you shouldn’t expect worse than par.  Botch your drive though and you’re either far off in high grass to the left or back into the bush on the right with a difficult par save ahead of you.

hole 5 from teepad

basket visible just to the left of bushes

hole 5 putting

Lamoussa putts bravely past hole 5’s Derek hazard

putting green

hole 5 green

Hole 6
55m, straight on ace race

This installment’s final addition to the FDGC was a last minute realization that I want to get a hole in one with a bunch of African kids as witnesses.  Hole 6’s fairway shoots back out into the field on the left of hole 5 for a short and seemingly easy head-on shot.  It’s not a gimme though; a tree 10 meters in front of the basket with a low hanging branch creates a window that forces low throws, while two trees just meters from the teepad stop any ambitiously wide (to the left or right) drives in their tracks.  For hole 6, the difference between a birdie and a bogey is all in the drive.


fairway from the teepad


window to basket formed by tree branch

My favorite part of installing the middle three holes of the course was getting to play with a guy afterwards who yelled « A ti do! » (Djoula for « It’s not going in ») every time someone lined up a putt.  The first poor sport Djoulaphone disc golfer is born.
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  1. How soon will this wonderful course be open to an international invitational event. What Great progress since the first hole. Love the competitors and yes, keep sportsmanship at the forefront. GPa

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