Ok I managed to obtain three photos from the Men As Partners Conference held in Dano at the end of September.  Each one features volunteer Judi Novak’s counterpart, Arjouma, wearing the same shirt.

Bougman and Ardjouma present their group's bystander intervention strategies.

Participants Bougman and Arjouma present their group’s bystander intervention strategies.

Conference facilitators with participant Arjouma during closing ceremony.

Conference facilitators with Arjouma during closing ceremony.

Men As Partners Conference 2014

Men As Partners Conference 2014 (Arjouma three from the left in the middle row)

As far my lycée life goes, this year I’m teaching two 5e classes (7th grade)–one is just my 6e class from last year so they know me (read:  aren’t afraid of me), and the other class is quiet, respectful, and wide-eyed which I’m trying to savor.  Happy birthday this October 18th to my 23-year-old twin little brothers, Nate and Andy.  And congrats on your successes:  Nate as a car owning, rent paying, girlfriend managing middle school teacher in North Carolina, and Andy as the newest member of the homeless community in San Francisco.  I’m very proud of you both.


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  1. Clay, Each blog entry makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your adventures and for taking the time to give us these little windows to peek through. Cheers and love, Aunt Wendy

  2. love it. Love seeing the pics of the MAP participants at the Femme de museo in Danno – and love the shout-out to your bros for their bday. thank you thank you thank you CPB. 🙂 much love at you.

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