Earlier this week I typed up a couple paragraphs complaining about Peace Corps Burkina’s security stance over the past month, laughed at how pathetic I sounded, then clicked the Save Draft button and X-ed out of the window, allowing it to be a therapeutic release of sorts.  Yesterday my mom called to say Happy Thanksgiving and to make fun of me for what a baby I was in my last blog post–apparently the Save Draft button was looking a whole lot like the Publish button and I accidentally posted a two paragraph blog about what a bummer the past month has been because of the security threat.  I thought of deleting it and re-releasing it as bonus material in the « IMissDennys: The Movie » Special Edition DVD Release, but then that seemed like a lot of work (deleting it, not the movie idea).

Founzan Disc Golf Course

Hole 7
80m, straight and open

Hole 7 is a straight and long shot, almost all of it in an open field and then the last 15 meters cut back into the woods.  Something about the contours of the fairway gives the basket the illusion of being closer than it is, so I normally keep that in mind and totally whiff the drive far right with an over-powered shot.  The last 25 meters or so go right past hole 5’s basket which I somehow didn’t think of until after the basket was cemented into place.  Makes for a pretty exciting black ace opportunity.

teeing off at hole 7

teeing off at hole 7

basket tucked into woods

basket tucked into woods

Hole 8
60m, wooded dogleg left

This is another through-the-woods dogleg shot, like holes 2 and 3.  Unlike holes 2 and 3 though, there isn’t much room for a roller or an overhand shot, and if you can’t get past the first few trees from the pad off your drive you’ll be struggling for a par.  Hole 8 demands a straight, slowly fading backhand, and is pretty unforgiving towards the teen-aged African bushwhackers I play with.  Look out for the serious termite hill hazard to the right of the basket while putting.

fairway from teepad

fairway from teepad, hole hidden to left of the light at the end of the tunnel

Ishmael putts by termite hazard

Ishmael putts by termite hazard

another angle of the basket coming out of the woods

another angle of the basket coming out of the woods

Hole 9
58m, open to wooded straight shot

What!  Is this hole really only 58 meters long?  Hole 9’s fairway is almost exactly 29 meters in the open to 29 meters wooded, making for a very tough precision shot to end the course.  Basically, if you don’t hit the opening in the bushes and trees at the midpoint of the fairway you’ll have a nearly impossible time preserving your score before the round is over–it’s actually almost smarter just to toss a disc up to the opening of the woods, then toss it in through the window for an easy par.  If you’re a wimp, I mean.

teeing from the field into the woods

teeing from the field into the woods

hole 9's basket (hole 1's teepad to right of my bike in background)

hole 9’s basket (hole 1’s teepad to right of my bike in background)

Wow.  I can’t believe I made a disc golf course in West Africa out of old bike parts and bush taxi tires.  I mean, I said I’d do it a year ago when I made the first basket in my courtyard for kids to play on, but did anyone actually believe me?  Probably not.  Next step is designing discs out of plastic and metal plates and giving them out to all the kids in town so everyone will stop coming to my house asking to play.

I’ve had a lot of fun fishing and canoeing with some students and fisherman at the barrage recently.  I’ll share a couple pics but I want everyone to keep in mind that I have really big hands and Kouanda Souleymane from my 5eA class is super tiny, so everything is relative

some kind of pretty tilapia

some kind of pretty tilapia I caught

Souleymane's catfish

Souleymane’s catfish

boat construction from last spring

boat construction from last spring

paddling down a dirty gross dam

paddling down a dirty gross dam

My Thanksgiving was pretty low-key this year, I spent it at a friend’s site making dinner for Burkinabe neighbors and friends.  We had chickpea chili, potato salad, mac and cheese, and rice with yassa sauce.  In other words, we couldn’t figure out how to make stuffing or pumpkin pie with available ingredients.  The Burkinabe loved the eating American food and listening to American music parts of Thanksgiving, but didn’t completely understand the « Everyone Go Around And Say One Thing They’re Thankful For » Game.  That kind of turned into everyone saying how happy they were to have a volunteer in their village and that they hoped for a long, successful life in America, for themselves and their children.

well happy thanksgiving!

well, happy thanksgiving!

Speaking of America, I will be in it in just over two weeks.  Let’s hang out.

Claire Blanc




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  1. If your hands weren’t incredibly large I’d think that was a minnow. Also hole 9 sounds awesome, and exactly like the kind of hole you’d lay up on. A termite hill is something we don’t have at prince galitzin, but we really need to brave the cold and go out there when you’re back.

  2. Clay, you have earned the right to rant now and then. I know EXACTLY how you feel…last night, I had to leave the fire, get off the couch, and let the dog in because nobody else would.

    Where is the Channing Tatum post? Another Save Draft gone bad? Safe trip home and thank you for all the information and entertainment over the past 1.5 years, it had been an experience for me from a distance. Uncle D.

  3. OK – guilty as charged. I did make fun of you – and when I relayed the story to my brother and others – they said – GIVE THE GUY A BREAK…. he’s living w/o running water, no electricity, on the edge of a desert (yes, I started to say dessert). Point taken. MOSTLY – I thought perhaps you had a guest blogger – as all of your posts to date have been so upbeat and educational and organic (in that you’ve shared in ways that are refreshing and real). But – you lived through the reality of not having the flexibility to move around and enjoy that freedom that you’ve come to enjoy in your time in BF…. Probably a lot like the old Peace Corps pre- the cell phone era when volunteers couldn’t organize and plan to meet up the way that you all have.

    The 9-hole course is FANTASTIC. Congratulations! Perhaps you should host a tourney and invite your DG buddies from the US to attend? Yes – I will be sending this blog to Innova and National DG Assoc.

  4. I actually like posts that include a little whining – makes for great reading while eating cheese & crackers. Clay, your 9-hole course sounds great! I’m looking forward to the pictures and stories that will accompany the ‘making of the discs’ out of the materials described and on hand. So, so, so cool! Cheers and love! Wendy

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